A collection of four 8" by 10" screen printed educational posters. Originally printed in Prague in 1965, the matchbooks were designed to warn children against the dangers of petting cute and cuddly animals. Printed by Providence's Head Light Hotel from hand drawn layers based on the original 1965 artwork. The artwork has been sized to fit into a standard 8" by 10" frame.

The artwork has been printed on an archival 270gsm light manilla printmaking paper. Stamped and initialed by the printer. Fox is five-color screen print. Cat is a six-color screen print. Duck is a five-color screen print. Dog is a six-color screen print.

Available for purchase as a set or individually.

$25 Unframed Individual Animals

$140 Framed in Walnut

Available unframed or hand-framed in walnut with archival mat and glass by Providence's Joel Taplin of Taplin MFG. Framed artwork is archivally matted and hung with UV-protective glass. The hand-made frames are made from locally-milled walnut with inlaid walnut splines in each corner for added strength.

"Four Animals" by The Head Light Hotel

"Four Animals" by The Head Light Hotel

"Four Animals" by The Head Light Hotel

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