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"Fancy Peacock" & "Beerdala" by Nate Duval

"Fancy Peacock" by Nate Duval. Signed and numbered edition of 100 prints.

Both prints are sized to fit in a standard 18" by 24" frame. Entirely hand-drawn and lovingly hand-screenprinted one color at a time on natural colored 260gsm printmaking paper. The artwork features gorgeous metallic inks that look stunning in person. "Fancy Peacock" is a four-color edition of 100 prints featuring three metallic inks. "Beerdala" is a three-color edition of 125 prints featuring a metallic gold and metallic "hops green."

Signed and numbered by the artist.

We're all sold out of Nate Duval's "Fancy Peacock" and "Beerdala." For availability please check the artist's website.

* We do have a limited number of Nate Duval's "Duke of Iris" available for purchase.

"Beerdala" by Nate Duval. Signed and numbered edition of 125 prints.

"Fancy Peacock" & "Beerdala" by Nate Duval

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