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"Visit The Zoo" by The Head Light Hotel

"Visit The Zoo"

"Visit the Zoo" is a four-color screen print on archival 260gsm natural white printmaking paper. Measuring 18" wide by 24" high it is sized to fit into a standard-size frame. It was originally produced in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration.

The four-color screen print was redrawn by hand from the WPA original poster.

"Brookfield Zoo Information" by The Head Light Hotel

Orders placed before Tuesday, December 18 will ship with a free copy of the Brookfield Zoo's "Information" poster, a four-color 18" by 24" print of another WPA poster from the same era. The "Information" poster also features hippos. Printed on the same natural white printmaking paper, it was sized to fit in a standard 18" by 24" frame.

"Visit The Zoo" by The Head Light Hotel

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