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Community : An Illustrated Guide to a Neighborhood

Illustrated by Ian Dingman.

Text by Shea'la Finch.

Tiny Showcase presents the fourth installment in our series of mildly factual, mostly fictitious, educational posters - Our honest and whole-hearted attempt to school you and yours.

A five color print measuring roughly 19" x 30"


Inspired by the posters on classroom walls, but free from any commitment to reality, TS Learning Press is dedicated to excellence in education by blurring and/or eradicating the lines where real life meets way better make believe life.

For the fourth poster in our TS Learning Press series, we invited Ian Dingman to explore the concept of community by highlighting a neighborhood. He takes us on a tour of the architecture of an unidentified city; arm-in-arm with s. finch, the twosome spent many hours staring at the facades, peering past the cracks in the curtains, lingering over the loose rocks on your curb, and speculating all the stories of all the moments of the lives that course through and cling to one neighborhood.

Finch & Buonaccorsi
The TS Learning Institute

"Community : An Illustrated Guide to a Neighborhood" by Ian Dingman and Shea'la Finch

Print Information

A five color print, the artwork measures roughly 19" wide by 30" high.

The artwork is printed on a 176gsm Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forest Initiative-certified paper produced from trees grown on land managed by The Nature Conservancy. It is acid-free, chlorine-free, and archival.


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