October 19th, 2010 [ view detail ]

Sold out edition of 100. Measures 24" x 18"

This edition has been signed by all three artists and hand-numbered.

This giant print was created by filmmaker Peter Glantz and Lavender Diamond's Becky Stark in collaboration with Kevin Hooyman. Hooyman spent over 100 hours illustrating and hand coloring the image. It was then meticulously reproduced using 4 color offset printing at Black Cat Graphics in Providence, RI. This piece has so many details and meanings you can explore it for hours, or days, or a lifetime and always find something new to enjoy.

This artwork is the second in a collection of "Fun Fun Slogans!," a project where Peter and Becky text each other slogans then turn the slogans into prints and videos. Read more and contribute to the project at The Imaginary Company.

**Be sure to check out the companion cartoon below!

The Imaginary Company has chosen Let's Help Nicole as their artwork's charity. $2 dollars from each print sold will be donated to the cause.


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