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"Big City"

A screenprint designed by Jay cover on behalf of the Nous Vous Collective.
Available as a 17" by 19" print or as a tote bag.

"Big City" by Nous Vous

"Big City" Screenprint

17" x 19"

Sold out.

  "Big City Tote Bag" by Nous Vous

"Big City" Tote Bag

14.5" x 15"


  "Big City" Tote Bag and Print by Nous Vous

"Big City" Screenprint and Tote Bag

Print is 17" by 19". Bag is 14.5" x 15".

Sold out.

"Big City" is a single-color print and tote bag designed by Nous Vous Collective's Jay Cover. The print is available as an aqua/emerald green on archival printmaking paper. Tote bags are available in blue, maroon, and green. You may purchase the print and tote bag together until the print edition sells out. Tote bags will be available indefinitely.

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