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April 1st, 2008 [10 images : view detail]
Letterpress Print Series

"sometimes you need things that aren't yours"


Print set # 53 of 100

6" x 6"


A collection of 5 letterpress prints.

The 5 pieces of artwork can be arranged to form one large piece as seen here.

ghostshrimp's collection of 4-color letterpress prints was printed in Providence by letterpress artist Dan Wood. The artwork was printed on 100% cotton 365gsm celedon printmaking paper, made locally in New England by Crane & Co., one of the oldest paper mills in America (America's first currency was engraved by Paul Revere on paper crafted by the Crane family).

Each print set is bound by a foil-stamped belly band and packaged in an archival foil-stamped envelope. Each print is individually blind debossed with the numbering and edition information.

Dan has chosen This American Life as his artwork's charity. $250 dollars from the sale of his letterpress collection will be donated to the show so that people stuck in front of computers every day, such as illustrators, computer programmers, and Tiny art galleries, can listen to their podcasts for free.

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