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December 4th, 2007 [7 images : view detail]
Letterpress Print Series

"Good Librations 2008 Lunar Calendar"

Alec Thibodeau

Sold out edition of 500.

19" x 11.75"

Lunar Caledar KeyAlec Thibodeau's "Good Librations" is an edition of 500 lunar calendars detailing the 366 phases of the moon for 2008. The calendar is based on the skies of Providence, Rhode Island but will function accurately anywhere in the Eastern Time Zone and to within a day of accuracy for any location in the Northern Hemisphere. Special illustrations represent New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Third Quarter Moon for each four week cycle. Clouds serve as placeholders in months with fewer than 31 days.

The letterpress print was produced on a Cloud Nine Classic Laid paper by Dan Wood of DWRI Letterpress. It is printed in blue, and metallic white/silver and white inks. The edition number has been debossed into the print in a 14 pt. Bernhard Gothic Medium Condensed.

Alec has chosen the Biddeford Free Clinic as his calendar's charity. $500 dollars from the sale of his artwork will be donated to the organization. For the past 15 years, the Biddeford Free Clinic has worked to provide accessible and free outpatient general medical care and non-narcotic medication to adults and children who have no medical insurance and cannot afford private medical care.

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